Over the past many years, the number of people who own cars has grown by leaps and bounds, and the market has done well. Different types of vehicles, such as compact sedans, compact SUVs, premium hatchbacks, etc., are getting new competitors, so buyers have many options.

With so many car sales, it's clear that customers will need spare parts, but only some take their car to an authorized service centre once the warranty is over. So, people look for spare parts online or in stores that sell parts for cars and trucks. But it is risky because many stores sell fake parts for less money. These parts are not only of lower quality but also need to work better.

So, if you want to buy car parts in Dubai on your own, here are some things you should keep in mind to make sure you always get real car parts in Dubai.

1. Check Your Requirements

First, you must figure out what parts you need and how many. You need to be sure about this so you don't buy an amount you don't need or miss out on one you do.

If you're replacing your car's AC condenser, check to see what other parts (pipes, hoses, etc.) are needed for the installation, and then order everything you need.

Writing down a list of the car parts you need is always a good idea.

2. Research

Always conduct thorough research.

Once you've decided which car parts you'll need, start looking into them to see if there are any alternatives from other reputable brands, the price difference, whether buying online is more affordable than buying offline, etc.

You can contact the authorized service centre or your neighbourhood spare parts distributor to find out if they have what you need.

Ensure the part is properly compatible with your vehicle and compare prices between brands.

3. Ensure The Spare Part Is Authentic

Original spare parts ensure the car will work perfectly even after it has been fixed or replaced. So, when you buy a car part, you need to know what to look for to make sure it's real.

You can only buy a replacement part for your car from a website that gives you the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) number. Most online stores that sell spare car parts, like Boodmo, make it easy to find the OEM number.

4. Check Payment and Delivery Options

After putting the essential parts into your shopping cart, you should investigate the accepted payment methods and choose the most convenient.

So that you know the amount that will be charged for shipping (if any) and the expected delivery date.

That way, you'll be able to improve your planning and schedule a convenient time to meet with your mechanic to have the parts installed without any complications.

5. Check The Warranty Details And Availability Of The Aftercare Service

A legitimate auto parts retailer will stand behind every product they sell with a warranty.

One year is the typical time that a spare part is covered under warranty; however, this time frame can be longer or shorter depending on the component.

If something goes wrong, you should give some thought to the following things to get the most out of the warranty:

  • During delivery, a cash invoice is sent to you.
  • The packaging of the replacement part
  • The owner's manual for the auto component (if any)

Another thing that you should check to see if the supplier is providing you with is service after the purchase has been made. Always make sure that you read the terms and conditions before exchanging a product, especially if there is a manufacturing defect in the part that you bought for your vehicle.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, it's very important to take care of your car by getting it serviced on time and only using original auto parts. Genuine spare parts give your car the best performance and are reliable, so your car is less likely to break down. If you buy fake spare parts to save money, it will cost you more in the long run because these cheap parts wear out faster and don't last as long. So, keep these important tips in mind whenever you buy car parts in Dubai.